Hair Conditioner: What, Why, and Its Benefits!

Hair Conditioner: What, Why, and Its Benefits!

When it comes to hair care, there’s no better duo than a shampoo and conditioner. Ask anyone—a hairstylist, a hair expert, or just a regular person—they will all tell you to use a conditioner. Conditioners are something that most of us use on a daily basis. But, why is there a big deal with conditioners? Are they really that significant? Let’s find out.


Conditioners are designed to help repair, moisturise and condition your hair. They contain moisturising elements such as oils, humectants, silicones, butters, and emollients, which nourish and replenish your hair. Some of them also contain special proteins that help bind split-ends. Conditioners work by forming a protective coating around the cuticles. This protective coating reduces frizz, softens hair, and shields it from environmental aggressors.


Here is why you should use conditioners:
1. Moisturise & nourish: Conditioners contain hydrating and moisturising ingredients such as humectants, emollients, and occlusives that replenish and nourish your hair.


2. Protect from towel damage: Wet hair is very prone to breakage and if you are rough with your tresses while drying them with a towel, you could cause some massive breakage. Conditioners assist in protecting against this damage.

3. Repair split ends: Several aggressors like pollution, chemical treatments and hair colouring can lead to split ends being formed. These make the ends of your hair look unkempt and messy. Hair conditioners gently work to repair these nasty ends.

4. Repair & prevent damage: While all conditioners offer some protection against damage, certain formulations are designed especially for repairing this damage.

5. It leaves your hair feeling soft, healthy, and shiny.

Choose the right conditioner
Once you have decided that your hair needs a conditioner, it is time to choose the correct conditioner. You need to choose products that are going to suit your hair.

For dry hair: If you have dry or frizzy hair, you may want to use a product that will help you deep condition your hair.

For oily hair: If you have oily hair, you may need to use a product that contains powders or gels. These will help to absorb the oils that your hair produces.

For curly hair: If you have curly hair, you may want to use a product that contains serums, gels, or oils. These will help to control your curls.

Then, you need to decide where you should buy conditioner. Different conditioners come with different price tags. Conditioners that are designed for daily use will cost more than conditioners which are used once a week. So, choose accordingly.

Always Test
You should always test a product before you use it. Trying a product on your hand is a great way to see if it is going to suit you. When you are testing a product, it is best to use a small amount. Use a small bit of the product on your hand and rub it between your hands. This will help you find its texture.

Here is the right way to apply your conditioner:

1. Wash all of the shampoo out of your hair.
2. Gently squeeze the lengths of your hair to remove water.
3. Take a small amount of the conditioner and work it into your hair.
4. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes. If you are using a deep conditioner or a hair mask, you can leave it on
for longer.
5. Rinse your hair thoroughly thereafter.
6. If your hair tends to be dry, frizzy, or both, follow up with a hair serum.

Keep your hair healthy
It is important to use conditioner, and it is also important to use a GOOD & SUITABLE shampoo and conditioner on your hair. This can be an expensive habit, but it is worth investing in. It is something that you will need to do regularly.