Benefits of using Redensyl Based Hair Serum

Benefits of using Redensyl Based Hair Serum

Worried about hair problems and baldness? Blame the harsh climatic conditions, erratic pollution levels, sedentary lifestyle, and extreme stress levels that have made hair issues like uncontrolled hair loss, baldness, and premature graying a very common issue amongst young Indian adults. But fret not, for there is one breakthrough solution in hair growth treatment – “The Redensyl”.

Redensyl is a natural compound that contains a molecule called dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQC) that is derived from plant extracts. Other ingredients present in Redensyl are Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside (EGCG2), Glycine, and Zinc that activate the hair cells and encourage hair growth. Redensyl for hair is gaining international traction for its impressive results in hair growth and the Rdensyl hair serums are celebrated globally as miraculous solutions that help in the treatment of hair fall problems by working at cellular levels.

Now, let’s see how Redensyl benefits the hair –

Rejuvenates the hair follicle stem cells
Redensyl has a very interesting science behind its wonderful hair growth and regrowth results. This plant-based compound works directly on the hair follicle stem cells. It acts as a catalyst in the division of Outer Root Sheath cells (ORS) which in turn helps in hair generation. Even the hair follicle cells that have been inactive for quite some time are also triggered by the molecules in Redensyl. As all the hair follicle stem cells are activated, you get denser hair. The role of Redensyl does not stop here. Once the hair growth is triggered, Redensyl prolongs the time hair growth time; keeping the follicle stem cells active for a longer time. That is exactly how Redensyl gives you fuller and denser hair in a very safe way.


Promises better results than hair transplant surgery
A clinical result shows that a regular application of Redensyl hair serum for 84 days can result upto 28,200 new hairs which is the same number of hairs observed after three hair transplant surgery sessions. And the most impressive thing is that the topical application of Redensyl hair serum is completely void of any harmful side effect that is usually seen in hair regrowth medications and hair transplant surgeries

Guarantees lustrous hair

Apart from being a game changer for people suffering from early-stage hair loss and baldness, Redensyl hair serum also helps people with dry, unmanageable, and frizzy hair. The plant extracts along with Redensyl restore the shine and glow of the hair and make it silky soft. It is a blessing for those who frequently style their hair as these serums are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients needed for healthy hair. Damages caused by the heat and chemical-laden gels while straightening and coloring the hair can also be effectively reduced by regular application of Redensyl-based hair serums.

Completely safe

Natural Infusions Redensyl-based hair serum is lauded as the best hair growth serum as it is the only hair serum in India that has 8 plant extracts like neem, hibiscus, amla, rosemary, bhringraj, methi, argon, jojoba, and 5% Redensyl. The serum is absolutely free from parabens, colorants, and hormones and is safe to use on most hair types. So, it’s time to switch over to Redensyl hair serums that whimsically turn your hair from dull and tangled looks to fuller, denser, and shinier styles.

How to reap maximum benefits from hair growth serum:

Ask a person suffering from baldness or severe hair loss issues and they will tell you how sensitive hair can be. When you start seeing those extra strands of hair in your hair brush, it is a sign that your hair is seeking your help. Do not ignore this initial warning nor procrastinate taking action.

Invest in a good and reliable Redensyl hair serum like the one from Natural Infusions.
Be regular in your hair care regimen. Massage your hair every single night with a generous amount of hair serum concentrating on those areas where hair fall is maximum and persistent.
Gorge on a healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated.
Avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair.

Follow these steps for a minimum of three months, and you can be ascertained of hair that is denser, glossier, and straighter!